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Ladies Spring Golf Clinic – The Five Minute Dynamic Warm Up

This five minute dynamic warm up will serve to prepare and “fire up” the major muscle groups used in the golf swing. Instead of easing yourself into the round by the 5th hole, the ability to unleash the full potential of your swing will be there on the first tee.

Ideally, it should be performed with some form of extra clothing on both the upper and lower extremities.

Exercise #1: The Reverse Woodchop – Repetitions = 12-15 each side

This exercise will warm up the rotator forces of the trunk and the large muscle groups of the shoulders, hips, knees and ankle joints. The anti-rotational forces of the spine will provide a suitable environment for even the eldest golfer to warm up his/her trunk while exposing what is for some a stressful area

Start Phase

  1. Stand tall, feet shoulder width apart. Flex forward at the hips and soften the knees to approximately 20 degree knee bend.
  2. Imagine you are addressing the golf ball.
  3. Raise your hand and position it over the right knee


  1. Begin by tracing a diagonal line with the ball across your body simultaneously bracing your abdominals and rotating the hips and knees allowing the opposite knee to fall in.
  2. Lower under control to the start position and repeat.










Exercise #2: The Golfer’s Squat – Repetitions 12-15

Continuing on from the reverse woodchop, the Golfer’s squat will allow the golfer to prepare the body for the demands of the swing with a thorough lower extremity dynamic stretch movement.

Start Phase

  1. Stand feet shoulder width apart, toes angled 30 degrees out from the body.
  2. Begin the lowering phase by slowly flexing the knees and hips.
  3. Keep the eye level horizontal and the back in a flat position.
  4. Chest should be held high and raised.
  5. Keeping the back flat extend up through the legs and hips with the back held in flat position. Maintain a strong braced position in your abdominal region throughout.









Exercise #3: The Side Lunge – Repetitions 5 each leg

This exercise provides a suitable stretch to the muscles of the hips and legs while providing a suitable warm up to our balance and stability. Swinging a club while playing out of the sand or even out of the rough will place an awkward stress to the hip and lower back musculature. Expose your body gently to this position before injury sends you back to the clubhouse.

Start Phase

  1. Stand feet together, toes facing forward with hands on hips.


  1. With the left leg, step out to the side as shown in the photo.
  2. Keep the toe slightly angled out.
  3. Keep the abdominals braced with the torso remaining upright throughout.
  4. Your current level of flexibility will determine the depth at which you perform the exercise. Only go to depth that feels comfortable and at which you can maintain excellent form.
  5. Return to the start position and repeat for the opposite leg.










Exercise #4: Arm Circles – 10 each arm forward and back

The shoulder is instrumental in the “chain reaction” of the “hips, shoulders, arms and hands” in the golf swing. If there is tightness in the shoulder, the rotational force placed on the joint will negatively affect this interaction by transferring the force to the hips and lower back.  A dynamic stretch of the shoulder joint will allow for more rotation in the swing.


Start Phase

  1. Stand feet shoulder width apart, toes facing forward.


  1. Rotate the left arm forwards beginning with small circles and finishing with the hand brushing the ears and the thighs.
  2. Repeat with the same arm, this time rotating the arm backward.
  3. Repeat with the opposite arm.


Exercise #5: Bent Over Single Arm Raises – 12-15 reps each arm

This is not only an excellent dynamic warm up for the largest joint in the shoulder joint (the scapulothoracic joint), it also acts as a postural cue for addressing the ball. It reminds our nervous system of the correct sequence of nerves it needs to fire for us to address the ball correctly.

Start and Execution Phase

  1. Assume the address posture with the hands held in front. At all times, the left hand must remain fixed in the central position.
  2. With the right arm, and keeping the left hand fixed, raise the arm to parallel with the shoulder. Hold and return slowly. Repeat with the same arm.
  3. Swap arms.