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Ladies Spring Golf Clinic – Proper Golf Push Cart Form

When it comes to using a push cart, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Ensure that the handle sits around ‘belt’ height so your arms and shoulders can stay relaxed; avoid shoulders being elevated (shrug position) or flexed (lifted forward) which may cause impingement or overuse injuries to the shoulders
  • Keep the push cart close to your body with your elbows at 90 degrees and use your big stabilising muscles to push the cart along (predominantly your core and leg/buttock muscles)
  • Invest in a good quality push cart (they are worth their weight in gold)
  • Always take time to warm up correctly before each round (exercises by provided by Fuse/Snap fitness)
  • If you are a senior player or you play on a fairly hilly course, look at motorized push cart options that will allow you to expend less energy when walking up those dreaded hills!

My last piece of advice would be no matter whether you push, pull, carry, or ride, at least take every opportunity you can to stay active and walk as much of the course as possible. We should feel so privileged to be involved in such a great game our mission should be to keep moving and playing as well as possible for as long as possible!