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Cash based / Self-Pay Model

In today’s healthcare industry insurance companies are frequently cutting patient reimbursement rates. This decline in reimbursements cause some clinics to encourage physical therapists to see a higher quantity of patients throughout the duration of a day. This increase in visits per day limits the amount of time for quality 1-on-1 treatment time therapists have with patients.

As many medical professionals have found, a cash based or self-pay model allows therapists to treat patients based on patient need, not what has been dictated by an insurance company. This allows us to focus on understanding the patient’s primary needs and providing the best care for those needs.

Not only does this cash based or self-pay model allow the therapists to spend more time and focus on the patient, the patients will also see the following benefits:

  • Cost effective care

    • More than half Americans experience some sort of musculoskeletal issue each year. Physical therapists are trained and educated to evaluate and care for these issues, which makes financial sense for the same person to accomplish comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Self-pay gives consumers an alternative for patients that takes out the third party out of the process for efficiency.  
  • Accessibility

    • Minnesota is a direct access state for Physical Therapy. This allows Physical therapists that have a self-pay practice to reduce the wait time. Shorter wait times means a better result for the patient and quicker resolve for their ailment.
  • Transparent and Affordable Pricing

    • Pricing is fair, simple, and transparent to the patient from the start. There are no hidden fees or administrative costs that comes with the interaction with insurance companies.
  • Protected Patient-Therapist Relationship

    • Taking the insurance middleman out of the equation allows the therapist and patient to connect on a 1-on-1 personal level without any need to perform treatments that are required by a third party payer. The focus will be on the needs of the patient and how the therapist can most efficiently and effectively treat the patient.
  • Everybody is Welcome

    • All patients are welcome whether non-insured or whether their insurance provide covers the needed treatment. Documentation will be provided to patients upon their request to independently submit to insurance for reimbursement.  

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