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Ladies Spring Golf Clinic – Iso abs – side with abduction

Difficulty level: Intermediate
Muscle Group(s): Abdominals, Abductors, Core, Obliques, Shoulders
Modality: Balance, Stability, Strength



  1. Great progression exercise for core strength and spinal stability.


  1. Maintain good posture throughout the exercise with shoulder blades retracted and depressed, good stability through the abdominal complex, and neutral spine angles.
  2. Activate the core with a good drawing in and pelvic floor contraction.


  1. Start in a iso abs – side lying position, the elbow and knee are on the ground, core is activated, glutes are squeezed and shoulder blades are retracted and depressed.
  2. Perform side bridge and simultaneously straighten opposite arm towards ceiling and abduct top leg into triple extension (at hip, knee, and ankle).
  3. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side